Who said Pets and kids don’t go?

Not me!

It could be Spencer stroking the cats paws after he’s been walking in god knows what outside, or Jenson sharing his food with him (something you wouldn’t even expect your cat to eat), his cat litter (clean I’ll add) being dug up with a toy excavator and tipped into a playmobil dumper truck, Spencer using the cats dinner bowl as a good place to store her half eaten biscuits or Jenson snuggling with any little bit of fur of the cats he might find on the floor – these are all things I cringe over.


I wouldn’t change it for the world, we are a family after all. You will often hear Jenson (my oldest) informing anyone who will listen that Milo is his best friend. Awww


Meet Milo, he’s about 6.5 years old and I rescued him from a local rescue centre after meeting him when he came into my work to be neutered. I fell in love. At the time I was still living with my parents and they wasn’t keen on the idea of having a cat after we tragically lost our gorgeous ginger boy Henry to the road! Sniff sniff

But I convinced my mother that he would be a house cat until I move out, within time I eventually moved in with my auntie (She is a massive cat lover) after my parents telling me he had to go, and half a year later me and Tom jumped on the property ladder and landed ourselves a lovely house!

When we became pregnant I was concerned with how Milo might react to the changes of the new baby, he liked to sleep on the bed with us most nights, especially when it was cold and I was worried about him jumping into the moses basket. Honestly I needn’t  have worried, he never got in bed with the kids when they were young.

I never once considered rehoming him like you hear some people do, he came from a rescue centre and I wasn’t about to send him back there for no reason, rescue centres are over run with unwanted cats, dogs and other animals and it breaks my heart. Sob.

My oldest and Milo have a lovely bond, and our youngest is very fond of him but she’s quite heavy-handed with him still. Gulp

 I couldn’t fault Milo at all, I’m not going to deny that on the odd occasion when the children have over stepped the mark he’s given them the odd scratch but I couldn’t expect him not to when he’s telling him enough is enough. He’s never been aggressive towards them, just warnings.



I believe that children should be around animals whilst growing up, Jenson is a very kind and gentle boy with animals and he’s calm and relaxed around them, which in turn relaxes the animal too. Animals teach them so much.

 At the moment Jenson is very keen to give Milo his dinner every day and to give him his ‘Treaties’ when he’s being a good boy.


He lets him out and in and cuddles him all the time. And he is teaching Spencer how to be around Milo, and what not to do. Spencer is often being told off when she’s being to heavy-handed with Milo.IMG_9900

A bond between a child and their 4 legged friend is a special one to witness.



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  1. Sammie says:

    Your kids and Milo are all soo cute! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. jlbennettrvn says:

      Thankyou Sammie! That’s so lovely of you 🙂 X


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