When Bunny turned 1!

When my Daughter Spencer (AKA Bunny) turned 1 back in December. I wanted to do her a cake smash photo shoot.

A wonderful friend of mine Hannah who is a Photographer and owns GingerSnaps Photography (http://gingersnapsphotographyuk.weebly.com/) offered to come to my house and take some pictures. This would be her first cake smash shoot, which she has renamed One-Crumbs! Love that name!

I had a few ideas of how I might like the photos to look, but typically left things til’ the last minute. Which led to a late night trip to Tescos to find something to go on the floor (my original idea was to wallpaper a bit of wood in an old floor board style), so I ended with a table cover! I bought the table cover along with pink balloons and some glittery gold bunting.

The Cake..

I wanted the cake to be small, tall, pink and girly!

Because the cake was only going to be destroyed I didn’t want to waste my time baking one, so I got two tescos sponges and layered them together. Made up some pink buttercream icing, smothered the cakes and plonked on the top some artificial flowers I already had!

My chalk board was from Store 21.

Now, where to do it? I really would have loved the garden if weather had permitted it! But I only had one place possible, the only room with a plain spacious wall; Jensons bedroom!

My decor wasn’t perfect but I was pleased with how it looked! The bunting slipped but I didn’t notice at the time. The table cover looked pretty but crinkled a lot under the weight of course (not that my delicate bunny weighs much at all, she’s very petite).

The photos that Hannah from GingerSnaps took were brilliant, I’m so pleased with them! Exactly the look I was going for!

Here’s some of the final pics of my model in the making!

 Photo credit to GingerSnaps photography Hannah Morley.

Photo credit to GingerSnaps Photography- Hannah MorleyPhoto credit to GingerSnaps Photography- Hannah Morley
Photo credit to GingerSnaps Photography- Hannah Morley
Photo credit to GingerSnaps Photography- Hannah Morley
Photo credit to GingerSnaps Photography- Hannah Morley

Maybe if only she smiled??! Oh well, we can’t have it all can we.

GingerSnaps Photography Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gingersnapspage?fref=ts

Hope you’ve enjoyed.



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  1. These are lovely photos and that cake looks delicious! Such a gorgeous little girly too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jlbennettrvn says:

      Thank you very much 🙂


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