Big sisters ARE the best!

And of course I am a big sister 😉

A good friend of mine gave birth to her second child recently, and oh my he’s so scrummy!

So instead of arriving with gifts just for baby when I went to meet him, I decided to make something for his older sister too, so she didn’t feel left out.

For the older child/children a new baby is very exciting but dependant on their age, they wont really understand that the little thing that cries all the time and is always being cuddled by mummy, is here to stay! And that their life as they know it will change forever.

The wooden heart on a stick came from Hobbycraft, I painted the heart on both sides and edges in a light dusky pink (not visable in the picture) once that was dry I cut out and glued some scrap booking paper to one side of the heart and sanded down the edges when the glue had dried.

I stamped the letters on with old typewriter style alphabet stamps. Finished with a lace bow hot glued to the bottom of the heart.

This is more of a decorative gift but I suppose it could be used as a fairy wand- Which little girl doesn’t love to dress up like a fairy! 


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