This Little Piggy

The other weekend we had a family trip to a lovely farm in Tuners Hill in West Sussex to pick up 3 little piglets.
My dads little hobby is keeping chickens and recently he has turned to keeping a few pigs until they are big enough and off they go merrily unaware that they are about to be made into some ones bangers for their mash and gravy!

But they are looked after well, very well in fact. And knowing this is one of the reasons I can join in with the family trips to pick up the new batch of piglets, I’ll take the kids and we visit them often, the closer it gets to their last run around the field is when personally, I stop going to visit.

But here is our latest farm trip.

Nothing like an in car snap chat.

Meet Ted – He’s Daddy Pig.

Our three little beauties!

Jenson feeding the cows

Me and Spencer taking a walk to see the Ducks and Geese.

Deep in conversation.

Usually has her finger up her own nose, thought she would try someone else’s!

Grandad, Jenson, Spencer and Daddy


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