Anniversary gift

If you ask my other half he will probably tell you that he can count the number of times I have remembered our anniversary on one hand, and he is probably right! I’m totally useless, my own sister started to write it down just so she could remind me a few days before.

But last year I was on the ball, well sort of! I remembered but still forgot to buy a frame for my DIY anniversary gift. So I ‘borrowed’ one from the bedroom, it did already have a photo occupying the frame. But it lived under the bed as the point of focus inside the frame was my other half holding, wait for it, not our son or daughter as a baby but a fish!! Yes you heard me, a fish! Hence why I moved it under the bed a while ago.

Using my Sizzix Big Shot die cutter, I cut out 10 love hearts. In two different colours which would represent the memorable years in our relationship.
I then stamped in black using my typewriter style alphabet stamps. Here is the frame.

047254a14842107a7a6d69f26406f6caYear 1 represents, obviously our first year together.
Year 6 represents us buying our first home together.
Year 7 represents the birth of our First baby.
Year 9 represents the birth of our baby girl.
Year 10 represents us being together for a decade!!!!!!

So easy to make and he did love it, after getting over the initial upset of the fish photo removal! Men.

If you give this a try, let me know how it turns out!


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