Spider-Man never sleeps and nor have I. 

 So as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been a little caked out lately.
Here are pictures of the two cakes I’ve made over the last 2 weeks.

Excuse the poorly lit photo, this is the only one I got after forgetting to take it on the morning of the party.

The Spider Man cake was for a friends little boy, me and both the kids had fun at his party (which took place at a farm) despite the torrential rain that decided to happen just as party time was approaching, good time to find out my jacket is not waterproof!!

On the 21st cake was the first time I have used Culpitt edible gems, I found that these (the clear ones) did not show very well on white icing. I mean you can see them but they did not give the effect I was after.
 I had read on-line about various methods to apply these little jellies and how to stop them from clouding over, which according to the internet has given some real difficulty.

I applied them with a small amount of confectioners glaze, and applied a dab of edible glitter behind them – I am not overly impressed with them, although the odd few I scattered on the cake board by the name looked pretty good close up. I think I may suggest the diamanté numbers if this is requested again (especially on white icing).
But then again maybe I applied them wrong!  But on a positive note, mine did not cloud over. Yipee

I enjoy being given a picture of a cake that they like, but being given the nod to tweak it so its different and has my own spin on it. But there is nothing better than to design the whole thing yourself. At the bottom of my blog is my Pinterest button which will take you to my boards – here you can see the types of cakes I take my inspiration from.
I also upload my cakes, hoping that mine may inspire someone else’s creation.

Hope your all having a fab weekend.


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