Water Bunny..

I totally adore Sainsbury’s TU range for little girls swimwear. Everyone of Spencers costumes have come from there. And today she tried out her latest swimming costume.
She wasn’t in the mood for a photo shoot let alone in the mood for swimming, today’s lesson (which she does weekly) I either had her crying or super glued to me neck. No Spencer, its OK mummy doesn’t need to breathe.

  Here is her new costume, I found it in store a few weeks back but decided to wait till’ they had their 25% off event. Which by that time her size wasn’t there. But I found this beauty there yesterday so I just had to get it!

These are pictures of the other suits I’ve got her previously from Sainsbury’s.

This was a 2 pack, but the floral one was my favourite.

This was her next one (below), Loved the colour and the white frills at the front.

  I can’t not show you her Bunny swimming towel from George ASDA.

Some times I think were a little ‘Bunnied Out’…. Nah maybe not!

  Little girls clothes shopping is something I need to win the lottery for!



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