Nappy rash on the run..

My daughter has very sensitive skin and when she was younger she developed a sensitivity to nearly every nappy barrier cream I tired.  We used Sudocrem with my son and he never had a problem so naturally used it with my daughter. But being the delicate bunny she is (Everyone who knows her is currently laughing at that description- maybe it’s a little un-true) it made her sore.  Cleaning her with baby wipes would only irritate her skin more so I ditched the wipes and started cleaning her with cotton wool and warm water.  On the go it wasn’t as easy as not every baby change area had a sink to wet the cotton wool, so I come up with the following idea.  Use an empty baby wipe packet but it has to be like the below; with the flip top. Get some cotton wool – I used balls here but I also used the sheets which tore into bigger pieces (more suitable size for wiping I found).    Stuff the cotton wool into the empty packet, add enough water to keep it wet and moist but not soaking wet (to avoid the risks of leaks). How simple..  We now use a new cream called Drapolene which is available from Boots and Chemists. An added bonus- it’s PINK!!!  Hope this little tip comes in useful for some other sore bottoms out there! We have now gone back to using wipes but will always do this if she ever gets sore again!



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