Pins for Fathers Day

I had so much planned.. How did Fathers Day sneek up so fast! I knew it was coming but truthfully thought I had another week of planning! So Daddy had gifts but not as many as I inteded, so some late comers will be posted soon!

So here are the bits Daddy did get! All these ideas came from the amazing world of Pinterest (would love to take the credit but I can’t).

First the card, found here:

Daddy is really into his fishing, so finding this pin was a winner, here is my sweetie tackle box below. The box was from Hobbycraft and you can find it here.


I have seen this craft all over pinterest, it didnt quite turn out to plan. Along with the children’s rough painting (and I mean back in the day when women washed clothes using a tub of water and them old style washing boards kinda rough); and the difficulty removing the letters the paint went everywhere. I know that was the plan, but the under letters were meant to stay white. So this is when the black sharpie came in so you could easily read the word. Never the less this children did enjoy the painting.


What did you guys do?



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