My perfect weekend…

At work we were always the Three Musketeers, and being together was always such fun.. Making bubble wrap dresses, making Becky jump with a full load of washing in her hands, jumping out of cardboard boxes,  back massages on the prep room floor, themed open evenings, cake; and so much more.

So arranging a ‘child free’ day for this weekend was a day like the old times. We did have a special guest, Beckys baby boy- who was so well behaved all day.

Me and Becky organised the day for Sarah (belated birthday get together), we went to Alfriston in East Sussex for a walk around the village, afternoon tea at the Badgers Tea House followed with a walk and a chill out on the green. The weather could not have been better!

If you visit Alfriston you really should pay a visit to Badgers Tea House, we had the traditional afternoon tea, but the salads, paninis and everything else on the menu sounded delish, and we did witness lots of lovely looking dishes making their to other diners. The afternoon tea is served with a choice of smoked salmon or egg and cress sandwiches, a scone (plain or fruit) with jam and clotted cream AND a choice of cake. Accompanied with tea of course! Me and my friends all had a different cake so we could sample each! My favourite was the blueberry layer cake with lime icing! We sat in the garden, which has adorable tables and chairs and you are surrounded with beautiful plants and trees. I didn’t go inside but from the website the inside looks just as inviting as the outside.

My lovely weekend didnt stop there, Sunday was spent as a family with our lovely friends Amie and Daniel, picnic and chill out time in Abbots Wood. Knackered the kids out and had a cheeky ‘Can’ of Pimms in the process (how sophisticated does that not sound).  

Abbots wood is located in Arlington, East Sussex, I’ve been there many times as was very close to the town I grew up in. I will always have a fondness for this place, with lovely memories of family times. Shudders at the memory of our old dog Monty the Bull Terrier pulling me over and dragging me a way down a dirt track whilst I remained to tightly grip his dog lead!


Jenson and Dans selfie😂

Jenson and daddy swinging Spencer, she loved it!💖

Hope you have all had an amazing weekend too! Here’s to a good week Raising my large glass of Rosè wine to you all!☺️



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