Feeling Lucky Mate? 🍀

I dashed into Tesco this afternoon, just for eggs and stork! Well actually I cant call it a dash because I did try on a few clothes, and maybe got myself a new something! But essentially it was a dash! Honest.

After putting the eggs into my basket, something caught my eye!

Who loved Lucky Charms cereal, but like me refuse to buy it due to the crazy high price?

Well look what I found, on offer at £2.00 (Usually £3.00):  

Well I was a little excited and I have got them mainly for me, but Im sure I will let Jenson have a little bowl. I wasn’t going to try any tonight, but instead save them for tomorrow, Im not one for breakfast unless its a weekend and I can make pancakes!!!! Hmmmmm

So 5 minutes after taking the photo above this happened! I have no will power!

Look at this happy spoonful!!  

Moment of truth…. OMG these I swear taste just the same!!!! They are YUM!! Makes me feel like a kid whilst eating them and they are so good I think J can kiss goodbye to a bowl for his breakie! Just kidding.

So I may stock up on one or two more boxes, just whilst the offers on anyways. Lucky charms is usally priced at about £5 but the box is bigger than this one, but at the offer price I’m not going to complain.

If you try them, would love to know what you think!



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