Now this is how kids eats cake..

♥ Happy Birthday To Maizie Moomins♥

Last week saw my nieces second birthday, so naturally a birthday cake.

My sister in law asked for a pink themed farm cake with Maizies favourite farm animals, cows and sheep followed by pigs and chickens.

This was the cake: 

And as soon as every child had finished singing happy birthday to Maizie there was utter carnage.. Everyone one of them bee-lined for the cake and demolished it!
This honestly was one of the funniest things to watch, but I cant deny that I was secretly dying a little inside after all the hours I spent on it the night before. Who am I kidding, Isn’t that why I make these cakes, to watch the childrens faces when the see them. And if anything it was a total show of appreciation in a strange way, from a bunch of under 5s anyway!

So this is what happened…

  Thankfully it still tasted good, lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon buttercream icing. Now that is how a kid eats cake!!


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