Jensons Paw Patrol sleep chart.

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, We’ll be there on the double…. This song gets in my head ALOT! But it’s actually one of the programs I could probably watch over and over again, I am partial to a bit of kids TV. (It’s Actually on now).

So this morning I kind of had it with Jenson waking early and shouting for me at his gate, telling me the suns not coming up and his clock isn’t working. The clock he is referring to is his Grow Clock, which we got a while back and at first worked wonders!
It really didn’t take long for him to understand how the clock worked and when he should be up, I would usually hear him unlock his stair gate and run to tell me that he waited for the sun to come up. He was always very pleased!

But for the last week we have had arguments with him waking at 5.30am again, shouting at his gate for me and yelling that the clock isn’t working. This yelling in turn would then wake his sister, which give her her dues usually will easily go back to sleep with tucking her back in, locating her bunny and turning her music on.
But with Jenson, this is not so easy.

So I decided that today I would make a sticker chart of some sort, to try to encourage him to stay in bed or at least quiet until the sun on his clock rises. And I will set the timer earlier, and start the whole moving the time on every couple of days until we get to a time I would like him up.

I chose a Paw Patrol theme as its one of his favourite programs, and it looks fun for him.

I started with using the logo in a Word document and adding his name and sleep chart to it.

I found on Google these character shields, so printed these – I would like to laminate them so they are a little more robust but I don’t have a laminator so will do this at my mums next time I’m there. So out came the sticky tape and done my own ‘Rustic’ laminating.

Using a picture of the clock in its daytime mode, done a chart with the days of the week- Idea is to replace it with a new one each week.

If he completes the weekly chart he can have a ‘special’ on the Sunday.

The fonts used in my sleep chart are from and were created by Kherys Bosland and Kimberly Geswein.

Have you done something similar or have any suggestions for me?



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