Goodbye Tummy, Hello Mummy!

Afternoon lovelies!

This AGAIN was meant to be a cake tutorial, but as usual I get so into my cakes I totally forget to take pictures step by step.

Here is my Baby Bump cake with themed cupcakes.

The cake is made up for 2 x 5 egg recipes (My go to recipe for most my cakes you can find here) and 1 x 3 egg recipe.

I used a small and large pudding bowl (11″) and a cake tin the same diameter of the largest pudding bowl .
This is how I stacked the cakes:ย 
The large pudding bowl cake was sliced in half, along with the other two. ย The slices of the other large cake was separated, one under the bump to make it just that bit taller. And the other half was cut up the same shape as the ‘boobs’ to again make them higher. But naturally the bump is to be higher.

I made a little foot shape out of fondant and placed this over the crumb coated cake. This is when I stopped taking pictures. I’m sorry.

I then started the dress, with the top half of the dress, I cut two long rectangular pieces of fondant and used wooden dowels to make a drape effect so the material looked more life like. These were then each placed over the ‘boobs’ ensuring they met relatively closely in the middle. Moving onto the rest of the dress, all you need to remember is to leave enough fondant at the bottom so you can drape it loosely like real fabric. I smoothed out the top of the bump first, moving to the sides and footprint. I used a ball fondant tool to indent around the foot as much as possible. I continued to smooth under the foot then stopped so the ‘fabric’ could drape onto the cake board.

I cut off any excess icing from around the board, and used a ‘shell’ tool (I call it this as it reminds me of one- not quite sure what it’s really called) and pressed it along the bottom of the dress, to create a hem line.

Rolled out two different coloured bits of fondant, and twisted them together to lay over the seam between the boobs and the bump. Decorated with a flower.

The cupcakes:

Hope you like them, and I promise to do a proper tutorial soon!



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