I do believe in fairies… Fairy cakes that is…

Sharing with you the cake I made for my friends beautiful daughter, who turned 3 this month.

My favourite part of this cake was the toadstools, I honestly think they are adorable, more so the free-standing ones on the top of the cake than the ones around the side.

The sign was made using brown card mounted on a cocktail stick. I used my alphabet stamps that I found at Hobbycraft, you can get them here.

The cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream icing. Covered with icing that I coloured a pale shade of green, decorated with toadstools, flowers, grass, stepping stones, pond, butterflies and of course some fairies.

The fairies were purchased from Cake Craft world and can be found here.ย They were meant to be White, Peach and Jade green. They send me a bright blue one instead of the Jade Green fairy, so I omitted her from the cake as I wasn’t a fan of the colour. But I think 2 fairies worked well.



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