Hen Party Peg Game ๐Ÿ‘ฐ

So today was Hen party number 1 for one of my closest friends Helena.

She’s getting married to her handsome Thomas in October- who doesn’t love a autumnal wedding!

We went to Bannatynes Spa in Ashford , and being a spa and with her family too, I didn’t want the very inappropriate games you usually have planned on the typical hen party.

So I wrote a ‘Mr & Mrs’ style quiz for her which we tested her on at lunch.

But throughout the day we were all playing the ‘Peg Game / Don’t Say Game’ This is where everyone has a peg (clipped to their clothing/ robe) if you are caught out saying the banned words (Ours were Tom and Wedding) then you loose your peg to that person. You can win them back, and the person with the most pegs at the end of the day won some chocolate. Melted chocolate to be clear, after I left it in the car- Not my best move.

I decorated my pegs with some glitter sticky sheets cut to size, all had a plaque cut out of pretty paper using my Big Shot die cutter then I stamped ‘Bride to be’ and ‘Hen’ on them.



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