Hello September.. When are you going??

The phrase busy bee doesn’t seem to cut it for me this month… I’ve had so much planning for the lead up to September and I feel like I could scream, cry, cheer and hip hip hooray all at the same time. Although I am pretty sure my bank balance is just screaming STOP!!!!!!

So this month sees a Bridal Shower (of which I am organising), my sons 4th birthday, his birthday party, 2 birthday cakes, more cakes, weddings, children’s parties, wedding cake preparation for early next month and a trip to IKEA before little mans birthday – as well as everything else that usually takes up my weeks with the children and other commitments.

So this is where the massively mixed emotions come in. I am very much looking forward to this month but hoping it passes quickly with few mood swings from myself, I have already taken a lot of my stresses out on my other half, Mum and my Sister… Lucky them… Not! I am sorry guys!

On a brighter note there will be some DIY tutorials this month. (PS the kids are napping 🙂 Where’s my coffee? )

Happy September guys… X💛X

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