Bridal Shower DIY Accessories

My busy September was kick started with a Bridal Shower (Part 2) for my lovely friend Helena. I met Helena whilst studying Animal Care and Management at Plumpton College in Sussex in 2003. We have been very close friends ever since and I was honoured when she asked me to be her Bridesmaid and her cake maker. Yes this will be my first Wedding cake and I am bricking it!

We had a day of crafts and Afternoon cream tea with Vintage cups and saucers to give it a more special feel, followed by a meal in the Evening. 


I made everyone a small goodey bag, making them was fun and the easy part but filling them was proving difficult as most ideas I found online were for night out hen dos and included things like; hair ties, plasters, paracetamol, dare cards, willie straws and other crazy items that wouldnt fit in atall with the theme of Helenas day and other ideas that would have been perfect I couldnt quite afford.


So my party bags included the following:
~ Love heart shaped compact mirror
~ Nail Varnish
~ Handmade ‘Hen’ badge.
~ Chocolate
~ Bracelet
~ Party games

The party games as you can see below was a word scramble – all words were wedding themed. And a Disney love song game where they had to match the title of the love song to the correct film, did I mention that Helena is a MASSIVE Disney fan… Like a walking encyclopaedia of Disney. If you would be interested in the games I am happy to email them to you, ust drop me a comment.

We did have another party game which got everyone chatting and was an ice breaker, this was the popular yes no game, we all had a disney character on a post it note on out foreheads.. Was great fun.

Bride and Hen Badges.

For this I used:

~ MDF Love hearts (Mine come from Ebay, you can find them here.)
~ Brooch backs (Mine again came from Ebay, you can find these here.)
~ Ink
~ Alphabet stamps
~ Small embellishment
~ Hot glue gun
~ Optional – something to stick the pins to the back without burning your self, I gave up using pliers after the first 2 badges though.

To get started I stamped Hen on all but one and that one obviously had Bride to be stamped. I then used the glue gun to stick the brooch backs to the back of the MDF. Once the glue was dry I then Glued the embellishment on. It really is that simple and I feel they looked beautiful.


The Party Bags.

For this I used:

~ Small brown paper bags with a handle- Mine came from Hobbycraft.
~ Alphabet stamps
~ Ink
~ Patterned paper
~ My Big Shot die cutting machine and shaped die (for those of you unsure of what this is see here.)
~ Sticky back glitter sheet
~ Scissors
~ Tiny craft pegs

I cut the glitter sheet into triangles and used 3 on each bag in the corner to create and bunting look. I then used my die cutting machine to cut out the name tags out of some pretty craft paper which I then stamped everyones name on. The name tag was attached using the little peg to the top of the bag at an angle to not to cover up the bunting look. Again, it really is that simple.


Cupcake toppers.

For these I used:

~ Cocktail sticks
~ Patterned craft paper
~ Big Shot Die cutting machine and shaped dies
~ Hot glue gun
~ Computer and Printer
~ Black card
~ Fabric

Using my computer I printed out the following: Helenas Bridal Shower and Mrs Farley to be onto the paper and once printed ran in through the die cutter. Glue these to the cocktail sticks and allow to dry.
BRIDAL MINNIE MOUSE: I cut out a Minnie mouse head shape from black card and glued a bow to the top of her head and used fabric to create a veil which I glued to the back of the face.  

Just to add to the adorableness (Is that even a word?? It is today) everyone had a little name tag attached to a tea cup, again cut out from the big shot using a tag die and embossed with an embossing folder. Can you tell I am a little obsessed with the machine? They are expensive but I do use it a lot.

Hope this has given you some ideas if you have a bridal shower to organise. What do you think?


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