National Transplant Week

If your addicted to social media you have probably noticed that this week is National Transplant Week.. A week to get people talking about organ donation, urge you to inform your loved ones of your decision or simply to express your views! With the hashtag #SayIDonate floating about it really got me thinking.

Blood donation: I’ve never given blood, it’s always made me feel a little weird. Not in the way that my blood is going to someone else but because the needle looks like like I’m about to be microchipped… It’s massive!!! Ok maybe it’s not that big, I have only witnessed one person donating blood and I was the one needing tea and biscuits afterwards! But I would like to now. But after being tattooed recently I need to wait a while before that can happen. 

Going back to Organ Donation, I’ve always thought yes I would donate but the idea of someone walking around with my heart and eyes freaked me out, BIG time! But over the last two days I’ve really sat and wondered why! A heart- the gift of life… How could I deny someone a chance at life If I could no longer live mine. And my eyes.. I mean come on my eyes are lovely who wouldn’t want them 😜 But all jokes aside, if I was told I needed a new heart, lung, liver or cornea, wouldn’t I want it?? Of course I would! And if I could say yes to a donation then I should join the register if there was a chance it could possibly give someone a second chance at life.. Because I would want a second chance if I needed it, a second chance to see my children, hug them and love them. A second chance to smile, kiss, laugh and enjoy life… 

So if you feel the same then join me and #SayIDonate…

   Visit for more information and or to sign the register! 

Check out the campaigns Facebook page for inspiring stories!
What’s your thoughts on Organ Donation? I am on the organ doner register, are you? 



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