DIY bear stencil 🐻


With inspiration from Muggle Lives which I stumbled across last week where she used a rabbit stencil- Wouldn’t that be perfect for my little Bunny. Check out her post here.

And just before J’s birthday me, my Mum, Dad and Sister had a trip to IKEA to get Jenson a new bed, some bedroom accessories ready for his birthday.

I purchased 2 Drona boxes in red to put some of his toys in and underneath his new bed (A separate post to follow about his new bed when his room is a little more finished, but this is the bed we went for).

After reading the Bunny Nursery post I thought it was the perfect idea to add a little personalisation to the very plain looking boxes.

So I found a picture on-line, some fabric paint I already had, brush and a craft knife. So this project cost me £5 just for the two boxes and if you want to include the paint, that was £2.49 from Dunelm. Cheap as chips….

I started out by cutting the image to make a stencil, I then laid the box flat and fixed the stencil where I wanted it using sellotape.
   I started with just painting the outline so that the edges of the stencil didn’t flick up too much, then moving into the middle. I didn’t apply a lot of paint as the fabric seemed to soak it up a bit and from memory it dries darker. I had previously used it on some cotton bags.

Once dry this is what my bear looked like! I LOVE it!!!

Now that I know I like the final look, I will paint the second one and upload a picture of them both on an updated post. Darn I love it so much I wish I purchased more boxes… Oh well hands up who wants an Ikea trip… Looking at my main DVC girls !! 😉


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    1. jlbennettrvn says:

      Thankyou Farina 🙂


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