Ready for cake action Ryder sir!

J turned 4!!!!!! What the!!!?? I’m emotional every birthday, I am but a mum… And that’s what we mums do.. Right?

So every year apart from Js first birthday (as his party was on his birthday) he has had 2 cakes, one for his actual birthday because let’s face it no birthday is complete without the mandatory spitting on the cake in an attempt to blow out the candles! And the second for his party.

So this year his favourite thing is Paw Patrol, he watches this probably every morning- shock horror I am the kind of mother that allows them to watch TV whilst eating breakfast.

And to save time and even bigger bags under my eyes I turned to E-Bay for help with cake number 1, well actually I randomly came across it whilst searching for something else and thought BINGO.


I baked an 8″ chocolate chip cake, I followed a recipe that I found here. Smothered all over with the chocolate ganache. Randomly threw handfuls of yellow and orange sprinkles at the sides and used a cake topper from EBay, you can find one here. Pushed in 4 candles and BOOM that was it! What a cheat :/

I baked an 11″ vanilla sponge, which was filled with strawberry jam and Italian Meringue Butter cream icing. The recipe for this sponge is an old favourite and usually my go to sponge. It is an all in one recipe so its very easy to make. You can find the recipe here, please note this recipe is for a 8″ tin so I calculate accordingly to my tin, or more often than not I just make it up!!! I usually bake in one tin and cut the sponge into layers.

The Italian Meringue Butter cream was a first for me, and I followed a tutorial on youtube by How To Cake It with Yolanda Gampp, if you have a spare 5 minutes watch a few of her videos, she is funny to watch, beautiful and makes everything look so easy, which I know it is not! So I admire her for making it seem so! The tutorial I followed is linked here. It is extremely tasty and I had compliments on the icing as well as cake and one of my friends could tell I had done something different.

For the lookout part of this cake I iced a swiss roll and made marshmallow crispy treats and moulded them to shape to make the large part at the top of the look out. IF I WAS TO MAKE THIS AGAIN I WOULD BAKE SPONGES IN MAYBE BAKED BEAN TINS AS THEY WOULD BE FIRMER THAN THE SWISS ROLL.
I used a wooden dowel through the centre of the swiss roll anchoring it to the base and there was also enough poking out the top to place the marshmallow crispy top on. It held well over night and throughout the party but when carrying the cake to J singing Happy Birthday the tower started to come away from the base, as mentioned above I think this was due to the soft swiss roll.

The badges around the base of the cake are from the same shop on Ebay I purchased the cake topper from. And the figures of Ryder and the pups came in a gift set Jenson got for his birthday, the pack also included a book and play mat. These were from Tesco and priced at £5 and there are the best figures I’ve found, as I had previously searched online for some purposely for the cake. The ones online were not as good quality and were a lot more pricey.

Jenson was over the moon with this cake and I was too. Hope you all like it! Would love to see any Paw Patrol cakes you may have done.

Sorry for the absence of cake in the making pictures, I was a little stressed – night before the party and all that 😉

No cake is too big, no cake is too small…..



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  1. Nicola Brown says:

    I think you are amazing. I would love to learn to bake cakes and do more crafts, I think they are wonderful, and there mean the most as gifts. Beautiful girl, and beautiful Mummy xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jlbennettrvn says:

      That is so kind of you, Thankyou so much! Comments like this really do make my day 💖💖 Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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