Sleep training aids..Aldi special.

I am a massive fan of my sons Grow Clock and will highly recommend to anyone! But this post is just a little heads up for anyone who if thinking about this sleep training aid, at £25.99 it is a little costly but it works and I don’t have my 5.30 early riser any more so I am not worried about the price at all. Although I did really wait around for any store having a special offer before purchasing- it never came.

So today me and Bunny where going around our local Aldi and I noticed they had something similar, it wasnt The Gro Company but a cheaper brand. Now I picked one up and thought about getting one for little lady when the time comes, but decided I’d wait and see if she needs one, and if she does, by then J may give her his. He’s adorable at sharing with her like that…. Awwwww.


There are multiple designs (Cinderella, Lightening McQueen, cute owl design & Thomas the tank engine) looks wise they look fantastic to a child, I know J would have gone crazy to have one with Disney Cars or Thomas on it. But in my opinion you can tell its cheaper than the Gro Clocks. But that said I did think the owl design was adorable, and hey if it works it works….

I had a look on youtube and found a very quick demo of the clock and I personally feel if your childs room is quite light and the sun has already risen it looks like it may be quite difficult to see that the display has changed?? Tell me if I am wrong though. With the Gro Clock the display and colour changes completely, but with the Go Glow it appears to be the same display but at night there is a blue night-light which highlights stars and a moon. If your child wakes very early they will definitely be able to tell it’s still  night-time, so possibly worth it. You can find the demo video here that I watched on you tube.

I am in no way recommending one over the other, just hoping this post may save someone a little money. I do think if I had found these before getting J the Gro Clock I definitely would have tried this!

If you already have this sleep trainer, and what you think. If you like the idea of this, as most things at Aldi, when its gone its gone!



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