Protecting my title..

Do you know what an RVN is? It stands for Registered Veterinary Nurse. 

At the moment there is no law to state that only qualified Veterinary Nurses can use the title Veterinary Nurse, this means ANYONE can call themselves one.

As an RVN  we are able to under direction from a veterinary surgeon give medical treatment to, or carry out minor surgery on, animals under (Schedule 3 of the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966).

We commit to follow a Code of Professional Conduct, we keep our skills and knowledge up-to-date with at least 45 hours every 3 years of CPD (Continued Professional Development). And we may be subject to disciplinary process if found not to be following .

RVNs found guilty of serious professional misconduct can be suspended or removed from the Register at the direction of the RVN Disciplinary Committee.

So if anyone can call themselves a β€˜veterinary nurse’, to me as a RVN It angers me but not just that but more importantly potentially puts animals welfare at risk.

We train extremely hard, pass multiple written and practical exams, juggle work and college/ uni at the same time along with the massive workload that comes from both the workplace and college/uni. And it is an over whelming sense of proudness, relief and achievement when we are finally told we passed, we are given a badge, a new uniform and are entitled to use the post nominals RVN.

Please watch this video on you tube, brought to you by the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)

Please could I urge you all to sign the petition? To protect the title Veterinary Nurse. If there is any other information to would like to know please just ask πŸ™‚

A massive thank you to those of you who do. 



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  1. steffpie says:

    😚 well done RVNVB

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