Good morning for crafts.

  Crafting before 10am… I’ve been busy with  a cake for a special someone which was a last minute booking so the other bits I had planned for the last 2 days have been pushed back. 

But this morning I couldn’t push one back any further, we have a 1st birthday party/ naming ceremony today. The man of the day has a gift he can play with but seeing as it’s such a special occasion I wanted to make him something he could keep, and by that I mean his mummy could keep.. Because I can’t imagine him being particularly fond of this gift just yet, or maybe not at all. It’s definitely more of a gift a mother and father would appreciate.. Your see what I mean when I post the pictures later! 

So the kids are stuffing their faces with toast and cereal, Bunny has already had a time out in her bedroom for repeatedly running to J to hit him or pull his hair every time I walked out the room… Again ALL before 10am! So I’ve had a chance to get this gift made… 

Today consists of the party followed by a much needed girls night with some of the ladies I worked with at the Vets.. Miss them dearly, and my god Jackie can cook πŸ˜‹.

What have you got planned today?



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