Mulled crazy..

So this time of year I always go a little mad for mulled wine and Christmas scented candles! 

One year Tescos had the Glade Christmas scented candles on but 1 get 2 free and I bought so many I couldn’t even fit them in my cupboard!!! Never have I seen that offer again πŸ˜“.

This year they are down to Β£2 per candle in most supermarket stores at the moment! I’ve already gone through a bunch of the spiced apple and cinnamon ones! 

I’ve picked up mulled wine mix and yesterday I found mulled cider mix 😡. excited much?? 

 I also picked up this Air Wicks mulled wine by the fire plug in for Β£4. And this has made my house smell amazing! Tom even noticed when he walked in the door!

So I also picked these up (this is when the crazy part comes in).  

It does just really smell like oranges to me, but it’s not a horrible smell! Not really overly spiced though. 

And they have done this in a bleach too, which I was embarrassingly excited about, but that doesn’t smell of anything but bleach so it’s a no for me! Darn!!!


I could literally drink this all day and night… I’m a mulled-wine-aholic!! 

A friend of mine led me to this IKEA candle, which is meant to be Homemade Gingerbread scented, to me it’s pleasant but just gingery! My friend on the other hand says it smells like curry 😐 will update you all when I lite the candle if my house smells like an Indian Restaurant πŸ˜‚.




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