Bunny is 2!!!!

So my little Bunny is 2 today… 

We spent the day at Drusillas in East Sussex and then had family over for party food and birthday cake in the evening.  
Here is her cake, of course it had to have Peppa Pig on it. I decided to go for more of a pretty looking cake with a peppa pig on top rather than the usual peppa pig cakes I’ve made, partly because I’ve wanted to make one of these cakes for a while too! 


Excuse the blob of chocolate icing on the cake stand.. It was a chocolate cake with orange buttercream icing. Yum πŸ˜‹.

This OmbrΓ© was quite easy to achieve.   

Once I had crumb coated the cake I then done each colour in stages as pictured above and then smoothed it out with a pallet knife. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

And just for an added bonus of the day, I got to cuddle these at the zoo, thanks for one of my besties! 😘.




So… Happy Birthday to my little Bunny! I love you so much, your my most naughtiest munchkin but I wouldn’t change a thing… 😘 




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