Feeling proud!

Last year I posted about National Transplant Week. And I am pleased to say that this year I not only registered to donate my blood too, But I’ve already done it!! 

And this has come through the post this morning!  
Now my donation was no walk in the park…. I fainted ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š

I haven’t fainted in years but when I was younger it has happened more times than I’d like to say, if I got hot, and sometimes I think it was all in me head, if I thought I’d faint I sometimes did.

So I was really nervous walking into the room, the nurses were so friendly and could tell I was nervous straight away. After doing the necessary paperwork and making it through the finger prick I was seated and waiting. 

Years ago I went with my partner and felt ‘icky’ watching him donate, this isn’t just a typical needle phobia, I’ve had plenty of injections/ watching the kids be vaccinated / injecting animals and even taking animals blood in my time what I really don’t like the idea of it the size of the needle!! I microchip animals with a needle of similar size and the idea of that in my vein gives me the chills. 

So when it was my time and I was seated, the nurse asked if I had an arm preference for my donation, I didn’t so naturally as I am right handed they took it from my left. The needle was inserted and I was surprised that it stung just like the smaller needles do, no more. BUT the needle is obviously in there longer than it takes for a simple blood sample. 

I was given exercises to do that would keep my mind occupied but they would also help keep my blood pressure up and therefore hopefully bleed faster! The nurse told me I would probably only be there 5-6 minutes as I seemed to bleed well! So far so good.. It kind of went like this:

This is actually alright… hmm lets read my book… It’s not easy to read a large hardback book with one hand…. I’ll look at the needle… SHIT loads of it is still hanging out!!!! Look away…. I did not want to see that…. God I’m shocked at how well I’m doing… Let’s people watch… Oh look that poor man has been reclined back in his chair and he’s being fanned by 2 nurses and his wife… He must feel faint… Oh actually I feel light headed, I feel I can literally feel myself being drained…… 

Beep beep beep!! 

Great I fainted๐Ÿ˜ฃ, I come to with the lovely nurse waking me and to the sound of the machine beeping to say I’ve filled a whole bag.. I was tilted back and someone handed me some water.. In that split second I didn’t want to do it again and I felt stupid. After having a long chat and being reclined once more after having another dizzy spell they fed me ready salted crisps and eventually I was up and over at the refreshments table. I was there for over an hour!!! Then I drove myself home, next time, and the there will be a next time I’ll take my partner, someone to talk to the whole way through and to keep my mind off fainting. 

My Mum and my little brother have both donated their blood in the past and I’m pleased to say that I have now. My dad was involved in a serious car accident when me and my older brother were toddlers and my mum was pregnant with my little brother, he lost a lot of blood and had extensive surgery. He was given a blood transfusion, and therefore he cannot donate now, yet I’m sure he would love to as it saved his life. I have the ability to donate and make a difference to someone’s life and possibly save someone else’s daddy, so I’m going to make sure I keep donating. 

Save a life โ€ข Give blood

Do something amazing today and visit the NHS Blood Donation website to register and book your first donation appointment today you’ll be pleased you did.



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