Mother’s Day gift idea. 

I was introduced to this app called Cheerz by a friend and a £4 off voucher code. 

This app prints photos for you in different formats, for example on magnets or Polaroid style. They can come with a lovely presentation box.

I ordered my mum some of the magnets for her Mother’s Day present but ended up giving them to her for her birthday instead.

She loved them, and so did I! Such great quality and a nice personal gift. And a bargain at £7.50!

They arrived faster than I thought they would although now time is moving pretty quick already and Mother’s Day is looming, they may not arrive in time for you.

Here is a £4 off offer for you! With postage I think they will come to £6. 


This was what they looked like in the flesh! Gorgeous:

They automatically come with two printed with Mumma and Mia… Strangely enough my mums dog is called Mia so that was pretty perfect!


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