Colchester Zoo 

It was my birthday yesterday (Monday) and Tom took the day off of work so we took J out of nursery for the day and the 4 of us drove about 100 miles to Colchester Zoo. I have been there before but this was our first trip here as a family. 

A few of my highlights were the Sealions, my Lion selfie and feeding the Giraffes. 

We got to the zoo at about 11am once we had sorted the children out and got into the park we only had 10 minutes to wait to see the Sealion presentation which the children LOVED.    

 Once the presentation had finished we made out way underneath the pool to the underwater tunnel and viewing areas. Now this is amazing, to see them swimming around you, they particularly loved swimming upside down. 

We then headed straight to the Giraffes and Elephants for the feeding experience. This was lovely to do with the children although J wasn’t overly keen on the Elephant when he got there but he loved the Giraffes.  

Due to the amount of people they have waiting to feed them you can’t hold it against them that it’s a very quick experience. You literally have to hand the food to the Giraffe then move out the way for the next person. But it’s amazing to do it and they offer the experience twice during the day.   

We packed our own food with us so can’t really comment on the food there, but they seem to have a good amount of places to eat serving different foods! Good coffee though ☕️👌🏼.

There are plenty of toilets scattered so super handy for the little ones.

Children’s play areas are fantastic and dotted about all over the park letting the little ones blow off steam!    

 My favourite animal is a Lion, and it has been ever since I first saw Disneys The Lion King in 1994. I managed a Lion selfie as well as multiple pictures of these beautiful animals! 

 Here’s a few other pictures from our day:   


I was really annoyed with myself for forgetting our camera so I only had my phone to take the photos on and this was draining the battery fast! 
I really recommend this zoo. My children both had an amazing day and so did Tom and I.  
So many animals I didn’t manage to photograph due to my phone battery, Red Pandas, Lemurs, Chimpanzees, Leopards, Wolves, Hyenas, Meerkats, Warthogs, Zebras, Giant Anteaters, Cheetah, Otters, Koi Carp, Capuchins, Ostriches and so much more.

If we lived closer we would all have annual passes. 



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