10 things I would tell my younger self.

There is probably a lot I would tell my younger self.. But here is 10 for starters! 

  1. You’ll be happy…. 
  2. Your teenage acne will really go!
  3. Go on a girls holiday…
  4. You need a bigger bra 🙈
  5. Don’t attempt to pierce your own nose….
  6. Don’t let your mum sell your sylvanian families 👊🏼
  7. Stop comparing yourself to others.. 
  8. Keep Henry in 😓🐱.
  9. Blue eyeshadow is not, I repeat not a good look 😂 even if it is a Christian Dior eyeshadow palette- given to you by your dads bosses wife (thought I was the kiddie😅).
  10. Stop plucking your eyebrows!!!!

What 10 things would you tell your younger self? Would love to hear them 😅



2 Comments Add yours

  1. totally with you on the Sylvania families! Was talking about those at work recently! I wouldn’t change my blue eyeshadow phase though, it was a rite of passage!
    Tania @ http://www.thegammonkitchen.wordpress.com

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    1. jlbennettrvn says:

      Haha yes very true, Glad I wasn’t the only one 😜 Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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