One minute, come find me..

We are sitting down stairs listening to Bunny jumping out of bed every 5 minutes.

You see tonight we removed the side of her cot! She was excited helping me move the stair gate from Js room to hers and taking her side off and making a ‘big girl bed’. At nap time this afternoon I was gobsmacked that she went down no problem, straight to sleep, didn’t get out let alone fall out. PERFECT!!!

Not so perfect or lucky now though! She’s even asked for her cot side back! 😐

So along with her new found freedom and Milo (the cat) who is galloping around upstairs like a looney she doesn’t want to sleep! I’ve tried bribery of a treat in the morning if she stays in bed, a walk in her ‘new’ pram as she likes to call it- it’s not very new now but she loves it, and even a trip to the sweetie shop- terrible mum Tut Tut. 

“One minute, come find me” – oh great she thinks this is a game 😝. 

It brings back memories of doing the bed change-over with her brother, you do forget the tough parts eventually aye! I’m now remembering the countless times I went in and out of his bedroom putting him back in his bed until he stayed in it long enough to fall asleep. And the emotional breakdowns are coming through from the depths of my memories.

Oh… Can you hear that!? No? No nor can I.. I think she may have actually fallen asleep, I’m too much of a wimp to poke my head around the door just yet, I’ll give her a little longer! Wish me luck.

I’ll post an update soon! 

*1 hour later update*

She was fast asleep dribbling on the carpet 😅. Now back in her bed! 


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