A public meltdown..

Yup us mums have all been put through a public meltdown, if you haven’t your child could may well be a robot! 

This morning I had a doctors appointment, the morning had been going well, and again now still is. BUT it wasn’t 40 minutes ago coming out of the Doctors surgery! 

We waited for my appointment with no issues or meltdowns from both me and the children- Wahoo! 

During my appointment they got a little bored and pushed the pram around the cramped room and were a little loud, but still pretty well behaved. Then upon waiting to make another appointment at reception, it began!

Now this was by no means the worst meltdown I have encountered but it was public, and public meltdowns just arnt fun!

On asking J to stop running up and down the hallway (which was slopped so totally runnable for a 4.5year old aye) I got back his famous attitude which my closest friends will know all about! So what do I turn to, bribery again.. I had already told them that on our way home we will stop off in the sweetie shop as we go straight passed it and pick some sweets for after lunch IF THEY ARE GOOD! So I tell J that I won’t be taking him to the shop if he doesnt stop misbehaving.. He’s got the message and stops running but he’s still Mr Attitude, yay 😫.

But why do kids have to protest so loudly when in public? So everyone is watching me- and agreed most people probably felt very sorry for this poor mum with a toddler in her arms kicking and screaming and another now crying because he’s not getting sweets and his sisters just kicked him in the face. But it makes me at that moment in time feel like a rubbish parent. I don’t want them behaving like that just as much as the next person, and I stick to my word and they didn’t get a trip to the sweetie shop. But the journey home was painful!
I know my children are adorable, lovable and kind (most of the time) but they are children and children have melt downs about the smallest of things. I just have to deal with that, sometimes much better than other times I might add.

Within 5 minutes of being home, J is hugging me telling me he is sorry! He understands when he needs to apologise and will do it without mummy asking him to most of the time! 

So now he’s chilled out and she now has a face free from tears and snot stuck hair all is ok… For now! 

I wish you a wonderful day with not a single tantrum in sight! ✌🏼️

*Featured image taken from a different meltdown*



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