A little sadness and a lot of cheer…

As a lot of you will know yesterday was national offer day for primary school admissions. 

Well I waited up til midnight in the hope that it would be online, it was.

Major disappointment. We didn’t get J into our first preference, but luckily we did get him into our second, I say luckily as I’m aware that there will be many people who didn’t get any of their choices. And after a night and day full of tears, I have thought about it, I mean really thought about it! Over thought it if I’m honest. 

My initial response was I was going to appeal! And like I say I have over thought it all, and I am worried that if I appeal and won (which I’m 99% sure I wouldn’t win) that could possibly turn out to be the worst thing I’ve ever done and maybe he wouldn’t thrive as well as he could at the school he was offered a place in. Maybe I should believe in what happens, happens for a reason and what will be will be.

After remembering the school, I remembered that it’s a good school & I liked it, I obviously liked it enough to pick it as our second choice. It is our closest and I can walk him there every day (up and down the biggest hill ever Yay!).

So feeling pretty rubbish yesterday I didn’t get up to a lot. Sitting on the sofa with Bunny watching the Lion King I heard the door go and found a little Next package on my door step!

My lovely little sister had only gone and surprised me and Bunny with two of my ‘Want it Wednesdays’ from last week!  

This made me smile! What a thoughtful sister I have! And it makes me even happier to know that we actually reads my blog!


So today, this is my Motto, to me and any of you reading this today – Don’t worry Bee happy 🐝.


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