Our Mini Adventure

Saturday the four of us jumped in the car and drove to Eastbourne. We visited Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway Adventure Park.

 This was our first visit and I’m a little disappointed that we have only just discovered it! We loved it!!

Prices are really reasonable, Bunny got in free as do all under 3s and the rest of us got in for £21.20 (£7.25 per adult with unlimited rides & £6.75 per child with unlimited rides) there are 2 types of admission prices, £2 less per person and you get in with one train ride. They also do family tickets.


There are adventure play parks, a lake which you have to be a member to fish, funnily enough Tom received a letter when we got home saying that a place has come up on the fishing lake for him, he’s been on the waiting list for the last 3 years or something like that!

There is a cafe which serves fresh salads, sandwiches, rolls, paninis, jacket potatoes, ice cream, cream teas, hot and cold drinks and more. I was impressed they were made fresh rather than having them all pre packed as I wanted the Brie and cranberry without the Bacon. Here again prices were reasonable.

All staff we encountered were polite and happy to help.

There is also a miniature railway, some are Thomas the tank engine themed. You insert 20p into them and they chug chug along the rails. The kids loved these and probably could have stayed there for hours! 

The walk around the lake is lush, bluebells and daisies everywhere! Ducks and Geese with bubbas! Daddy went up ahead to talk to some men who were fishing, I had a heart attack when Bunny went to follow Daddy and went to say hello to the (hissing)Geese and their Goslings on her way! I shouted, she listened- phew!


There is a maze which both kids really enjoyed! I was totally useless at that one, J had fun making sure he found all the dead ends just so he could scream “oh no it’s a dead end”. He literally ran around the whole thing!

The kids were buzzing, J totally lost his marbles after his ice cream and ran full pelt in the adventure play parks, we honestly could keep up with him! He was hilarious to watch.

Here are some pictures we took:


The photo below clearly wasn’t going to happen! All I wanted was a nice picture of the 3 of them!

These are a few of my favourites I took today!

Finally time for home, which as you can see wasn’t very fun!

But after 10 minutes in the car they were sparko!

 For more information visit their website here!
We are considering getting an annual pass, especially as Tom will be fishing, we can combine the two.

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