Pass the Wine

Why is it that with children, they can have you on the verge of a breakdown then suddenly flip a switch and your looking at them with emotional tears in your eyes telling your self they are the sweetest ever, oh wait back to being on the verge of a breakdown again.

Today has been stressful, with the two of them complaining about everything and fighting non stop with each other. I have had a headache which seems to be a daily occurrence at the moment, already feeling a little down, todays reason: The bathroom is too small and everywhere I look is mess. If my friends are reading this then yes you will all be thinking that bathroom is tiny, I don’t even have the room to swing Milo in it! Jokes.

All the toys are scattered everywhere, the balls from the game Hungry Hippos have been rolled under the sofa, there are Disney Cars wedged behind the radiator and my frames that sit on the window sill are on another table because as J tells me- this is where all his cars have to be lined up! Bunny is yelling at me that she is hungry- she had just finished scrambled egg on toast, cereal and a banana!!! She’s also dragging poor Milo (the cat) around, who lately has a very short fuse when it comes to her!

We go to Js swimming lesson which was an amazing lesson, they all went into the big pool today and swam beautifully- Bunny was well behaved watching, which if I’m to tell the truth she’s usually good because it involves watching J eating her lunch so usually more than happy. After swimming we came home so they could argue some more and put some washing on and finish lunch. Then we had to jump in the car and go to Tesco to pick up our click and collect, Bunny starts kicking off because I wont tickle or cuddle her whilst driving, her crying and screaming went on for a while and then thats when I heard J say to her that he could tickle her. Watching in my rear view mirror her with her arm outstretched to him and him tickling her little arm melted my heart, how can they go from not liking each other to being the most beautiful siblings in the world just like that. He also told her that mummy would cuddle her when we were back home. The tickling went on for a while, J kept asking if that was enough and then he would get a bare leg thrown at him from the side of her car seat, clearly thats a no then.

This photo was taken a few weeks back of them holding hands in the car… Adorable overload yes?!

Oh and I managed to scratch Bunny in the face whilst trying to stop her from head butting her brother (totally her mothers daughter). Awful mother alert, I felt so guilty!

Here’s to tomorrow! Now pass the wine.. Thats also is a joke! I’ve come back from a work out and the only thing I’m drinking is water *Sigh*.




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