The Heathfield Agricultural Show – Pig Showing

For years now me and my family have visited The Heathfield Agricultural Show. This year was a little different as my Dad was showing one of his pigs for the first time! 

He entered into the Open Class which is aimed at encouraging small holders (like my dad) and first timers to enter.

It was great fun, and I felt so proud watching my dad in the ring!


 A super clean and pink piggy wants nothing more than to dig and roll in he mud 😆 
Meet Penny! 

She was very good, and fun to watch in the ring having a brief ‘bambi’ moment and bounding about, clearly enjoying herself. Loading up time was more tricky and she didn’t want to get back into the trailer, but around 7 pairs of hands and strong bodies later we won against this 1 pig and into the trailer she went! 

As you can see, our beautiful Miss Penny came first in her class, and man was my daddy proud! ❤️

J loved watching the Dancing Diggers from DiggerLand.
Mud and slush- Every year, and I mean EVERY YEAR it rains on the day of the Heathfield Show. The morning was pretty sad looking and come about 10am the heavens opened and it poured it down non stop for sometime! But the afternoon was beautiful sunshine!

You can expect to find gorgeous animals, good food and drink, ice cream, tractors, terrier racing, show jumping, amusements, craft stalls, clothing and boots and fun! If your not overly into agricultural life this may not be for you but if your an animal lover alone it’s worth going, but you need to make use of the program and making note of when and where everything you want to see is on! It’s huge, and takes a while to get around from one side to the other and you don’t want to miss out!


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