Wish app – Latest purchase.

I was very skeptical when considering using this app, everything seemed way too cheap and as it all comes from places like Hong Kong your item wouldn’t arrive for sometime/ would you even receive it?

Reading reviews it was mixed but on the whole most people seemed pretty happy with it. The app is a host for sellers, so a little like eBay without the bidding! So you may come across sellers that are great and some than are not!

I’ve used it a few times, I don’t purchase anything of great value, the odd , £3-£7 here and there. But everything I’ve ordered has arrived on time.

My latest purchase was this little outfit for Bunny, which I am in love with!

It was £4 + £1 P&P, trousers are a little more baggy than I had expected but she is quite dinky so that’s not surprising. The trousers are also very thin, so quite perfect for this lovely weather we in Sussex are having/ expecting. The tee, apart from a loose thread in places is well made. 


Have you used the app yourself? 



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