National Book Start Week

On a visit to our local library this morning I found out it is National Book Start week this week (6th-12th June).

We were given a colouring activity for J to do as well as some under the sea rhymes and a little adaption book called A hole in the bottom of the sea!

Both my two love reading, we have story time every night before bed and during the day too. They are good a remembering the story so do very well from memory when trying to read themselves, but what I really love is that J will look at the pages and make up his own story sometimes.

When we visit the library that’s exactly what he does, he picks the books he wants to take home and makes up the stories himself whilst sat at the library.

This is J after we completed his shark attack hat! 

 A few of our other library trips!

Here is a link to the Book Trusts Facebook page, they have a competition to win a selection of under the sea themed books! Click here to enter!

Your local library may be doing some events/ activities this week! Worth a visit to see 🙂

Here’s today’s selection of books for them both.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!


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