New parents meeting! 

So this happened today, my first born is off to school come September and I’m an emotional wreck! New parents meeting was this afternoon, where we found out what class J is in, who his teacher is, pick up uniform and book bag (it’s a cute uniform- Phew), talk to the PTA which I’m really looking forward to joining! 

The dinner lady was there offering samples of the school dinners! Giving my thumbs up on that one 👍🏼.

Overall, I am happy! I was on the verge of tears whilst listening to the head teacher, who is lovely! I just kept glancing at J thinking where has the last nearly 5 years gone- this is not fair! But it’s a new chapter in his life and our family life! One of which he is ready for, excited for and willing! 

He has friends in his class from nursery so that has made me even happier, I know he will make friends quickly but for him on his first day, he will be comfortable with at least a handful of the children! 

My heart goes out to all you mums and dads of children starting school this year! Come on we can do this… Maybe! 😉

(Don’t) roll on September! 


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