Our Father’s Day 2016

Every year we go fishing for Fathers Day.

This year we went to the fishing lake at the Eastbourne Miniature Steam Railway, we visited here a few weeks ago for the first time and had a lovely time.

To read about our first trip click here.

As mentioned at the end of that post a place come up on the fishing lake there for Tom! 

We got our annual passes this time so that when Daddy is fishing the kids and I can come along and have some fun too.

Both the kids loved it, weather was lovely and sunnier than expected. 

 Here are some photos from our Father’s Day fishing trip.


J really enjoys netting the fish for Daddy, and does a great job! Unless either the miniature train or southern trains went by then he was momentarily distracted 😅.

Helping Daddy!


How did you celebrate Fathers Day?

Here’s me with my Daddy!! I wouldn’t have gotten to where I have in life without him (or my mum). 💚 This man can just about do everything! Super man in disguise! 



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