Another Princess Peppa

Last weekend my beautiful niece turned 3!  

And as I do every year I made her birthday cake. Although I’m not overly loving cake making and decorating at the moment, I always want to be able to make them for my family! I have really lovely memories of the cakes my Auntie Monica made for our birthdays, my favourite was my Lion King cake which featured Simba and Nala as adults 😍

This was her first birthday cake, which is Billy and Bam Bam from baby TV:

This was her second! My instructions were a pink farm, so I made this:

And sadly, as do a lot of 3 year olds, Maizie loves Peppa Pig- can you tell I’m not a PP fan! 😉

But I’ve done a few Peppa Pig cakes, my second was this one, my second you can find here and my thrid is here.

So if you’ve seen any of the above you can see I’ve done 3D Peppa and a 2D Peppa. 

This Peppa was a mixture of the two.

Bunting, gold stars and glitter – perfect for a little girl! Without knowing my sister in law had got gold star table confetti – matched perfectly.

My niece loved it! And so did Bunny who was desperate to eat it before I even got it to the party and had about 4 sneaky peeks that morning.

The cake was 3 layers of Vanilla sponge with good old fashioned Vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam between the layers 😋.

Isn’t my niece just beautiful 😍


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