Hobbycraft Make of the month

Evening you lovelies!

Every month Hobbycraft host a ‘Make of the Month’ competition which is usually themed; for example baking special, fabric work and paper craft.

When I remember to I upload one of my cakes or crafts! In the past I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen as a runner up. The lucky winner receives a £100.00 gift voucher and the runners up receive £10.00 gift voucher.

Last month was a sports special, the only thing I could think of to submit for an Anniversary cake I made for my friend April to give to her husband Karl. She provided me with the idea- this was the outcome:

I submit my pictures and never think of it again. So how pleased was I when I received this email.

And today I had a signed for delivery:

Thank you so much to the Hobbycraft Team for my prize! I am so amazed to have been chosen out of so many amazing cakes and crafts other people have submitted!

So if you excuse me, tonight I will be scrolling through the entire Hobbycraft website to see what I can spend my winnings on! But nothing beats a walk around the store so that’s what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks!

If you would like to enter the competition yourself then head here and good luck! 

I’m looking forward to seeing my name and cake on the website! *Girly giggle*


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