Wardrobe Wars

Bunny is really becoming an independent little Miss lately. 

She’s extremely strong willed and stubborn.

She’s developed a love for dressing herself, this started a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how well she put her ‘outfits’ together; I mean they matched and everything! 

This last week they are anything but matching. But they are not horrendous, she’s not yet found a love for dressing up so is not demanding to go around tesco dressed as Spider Man or a ballerina; although if I’m honest that does not bother me and I think I’d enjoy taking a little disney princess to the shops. BUT we are regularly having clothing changes like shes Beyoncé performing to some packed out area.

This morning we had a mad dash to get dressed after discovering a little dog outside with no owner, so whilst she sat in out conservatory (the dog not Bunny) we all quickly threw on some clothes to have a walk down the road with our new four legged friend in search of her owners. And wow, she picked a matching outfit. 

Since then, and before 10.30 I’ll add we have had multiple outfit changes and a mini melt down about the fact she does not want to wear knickers! 

This is her bed, with various items of clothing including her PJs strewn around the place! She has kindly chucked a load in her cupboard all screwed up- but they are away so I wont complain!

I think I have a little diva on my hands! 

Any stories you’d like to share about your little ones and clothing? 

*Note the ripped off wallpaper on the walls? 😫 that was from when J bear was little! My post yesterday Wallpaper Love is me exploring ideas for her room especially* 



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