Watermelon and Strawberry Jelly

We had half a watermelon left over in the fridge this weekend so I made ice lollies and jelly!

Really easy and seemed to go down well with the kids! The jelly more than the ice lollies though! 

The ice lollies were literally some watermelon flesh in the bottom of the moulds with the juice over the top! The fleshy part is what didn’t make the most appealing ice lolly but the frozen watermelon juice was lush!

The jelly I made using a sachet of jelly mix, and following the directions on the packet mixed it with boiling water and instead of cold water; I used the remaining watermelon flesh and juice, mixed well and poured back into (now empty) half watermelon! 

Cut into slices once set and voila! Easy and fun!  

Watermelon smiles all round! 

I don’t eat jelly so I can’t comment on how this tasted but it smelt lovely. Other half and the kids say it’s yummy so that’s approval enough for me!

What’s your favourite summertime fruit?  



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