Primark treasure 

I love a good trip to Primark which I do not do very often. Although I do find its like a huge jumble sale, nothing is in item order or size order. And if it’s popular it’s sure to be sold out in the ‘popular’ sizes.

Sometimes you find amazing items sometimes there is nothing!

We’ve just come home from Disneyland Paris (post to follow).

And I was looking for a backpack to take that I could fit both the kids bits in plus a few of mine so it saved me from carrying both the kids little bags plus my own.

And look what I come across in Primark;

The backpack was £10 and the weekend bag was £12. I am in love with them! 

One of my besties picked these up for me, and she got me a little present too.

I’m such a saddo. The Lion King is my favourite film of all time so this was perfect! Especially for someone going to Disneyland Paris ❤️.

But I am on a bit of a disney come down and feel a bit sad about being back home! 

But looking at these treasures makes me smile! 

Take me back to Disney.. It’s my happy place! 

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  1. It looks amazing on you!

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