30th birthday cake.

I was asked by a lovely friend of mine to make a cake for a family member.

Apparently he is a real loving family man and she came up with the idea of the family in silhouettes on the cake.

I loved the idea!

Sadly and very frustratingly I couldn’t get my icing smooth enough! But I am happy with the cake, and my friend has reported back with good feedback so that makes it all worth while!

The blue colour was achieved using my airbrush kit and the colour blue from Lakeland. It’s a handy bit of kit, but it does tend to accentuate any imperfections on the icing, and as mentioned above there were a few! šŸ˜«

The ‘Thirty’ sign, I done using a white gel pen on black card attached to bamboo skewers. I really loved that bit!

For the silhouettes I printed out a picture that was enlarged to the right size and cut the shapes out then laid them carefully on the black icing and cut around. I done them one by one so they were easier to apply to the cake.

Happy Sunday everyone! 

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