My week at the start of Autumn

I went into Hobbycraft totally child free the other morning! That was because J has now started in reception! 

After dropping him off for his first day me and Tom dropped Bunny off at nursery then went out for breakfast before going to Hobbycraft. 

This was a nice idea of Toms, of which also distracted me from the bigger picture that day.

I was very emotional all morning but I held it together until he went through the door, with not so much as a look back towards mummy dearest! He’s been going a week now and I couldn’t be prouder of him! 

Blueberry pancakes with honeycomb and maple syrup from Frankie and Bennys and Christmas at Hobbycraft made my day so much better.

I was spending my voucher that I won in Hobbycrafts make of the month competition which you can read about here. a few of the things I picked up was some embossing powders, embossing pen and a craft heat gun. 

So far my favourite embossing powder is the copper one, copper is so in right now. And perfect for any autumnal crafts, my Pinterest is already filling up with everything and anything fall related. 

Here are some free hand leaves I embossed onto recycled card using the copper powder. I could watch embossing videos all day, very therapeutic.

Also within the last 2 weeks J has taught himself to ride his bike without his stabilisers, and was video bombed by a little butterfly!

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