My first Pandora Ring

Who doesn’t love a bit of Pandora?

For my birthday I received two Pandora gift vouchers. 

I found a ring that I really liked, which typically had just been discontinued but was still for sale on the website. Brilliant! Nope, not so brilliant they don’t accept the vouchers on their website! 

So it’s been quite a few months since my birthday and I’ve been looking every so often for a ring that I liked.

They brought out the spring collection that showcased the ‘Droplet’ style rings. I fell in love with the gold blush poetic droplet one:

But at £349 that was a hell of a lot out of price range!

So I kept looking. And hurrah, I found some beauties.

So which one did I choose?

I love it! At £80 I already had half in vouchers and Tom paid the rest as my late birthday gift so I am one happy lady! 

I have shocked a few people with its engagement looking style! Let’s be real people, this is the closest I’m getting to an engagement ring.

Do you have a favourite item or Pandora jewellery? I also fell in love with these forever stud earrings whist in store today. Priced at £55.

I also clocked that the lady who served me was wearing this stunning necklace, and I am not usually a Pandora necklace fan, so that’s saying somethings! 

Maybe Christmas!!! Only a little hint!


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