Bunny & Nursery update.

**Update- She’s loving it**

few month ago: Today is her second morning at nursery this week, following on from our settling in sessions post, she was doing so well. This morning I left nursery crying after having my little girl peeled off of me.

I feel so guilty, I’m getting ready to go to my Mummy exercise class which she used to do with me and enjoyed whilst they are both at nursery. I chose a Friday morning for her because her big brother is downstairs at nursery too, and they cross over for a few hours so they can play together (I hope). So it made sense. But today has made me doubt myself. I remember this all with J so I know it gets easier/ better/ and they start enjoying it.

And I’m pretty confident that as I’m typing this feeling like a horrible mother my little girls is having a great time playing with her new friends and toys not thinking about me at all.

I cannot wait to pick her up this afternoon and give her the biggest cuddle! โค๏ธ

Wish me luck with the coming weeks, I hope this gets easier. At the end of the day, she needed the socialisation of nursery and as many friends and children/babies I meet up with I still can’t offer her what nursery can. She’s a very strong willed independent little lady and I know she will be ok! 

J loves nursery, and has made friends, therefore leading to new mummy friends! So win win aye!  



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