Feeling blessed

I have a poorly brown bear today. He is not even 2 full weeks into school and he’s having his first sick day. 

He’s currently snuggled up (in his bear onsie) on me fast asleep! 

As much as I miss my job I feel extremely lucky to be able to stay at home, in times like this when he’s Ill. I didn’t have the panic of having to phone work to say I couldn’t come in or frantically try and find someone to look after him. My career was my life for so long, and it will be once again when Bunny goes to school I hope. But I am concentrating on them right now.

J was very sad that he was missing school today, and worried that he hasn’t been able to take the tins of food in for the harvest festival. Bless him.

This morning I was meant to be having my nails done by a friend, but we postponed due to poorly little ones. Instead it’s now a morning of washing sicky bedcovers and lovely snuggles on the sofa whilst sipping a Coconut Latte.

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! 


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